Seven different cottages for rent

All cottages except Kuoppaniemi are within 2 kilometers of our farm. All cottages have a rowing boat, small pier, firewood in a shed and a place to barbecue. For fishing there is a fishing license for lure fishing, water area map and fishing rods. Read more from the page bookings.

Read more from the page bookings

  • Torniniemi (110 m2) is a new cosy villa from Honkarakenne which is suitable even for a small party.
  • Kiviniemi (89 m2) is a cottage for 4+2 persons in a peaceful area.
  • Honkaniemi (50 m2) is located at a beautiful cape that is suitable for 2+3 persons.
  • Kuoppaniemi (57 m2) is located near Savonlinna on an island 250 meters from mainland.
  • Tyssinniemi (168 m2) is suitable for two families. The Helmi lakeside sauna (26 m2) has a small kitchen and a possibility to sleep in.
  • Located in a peaceful area Haapaniemi (100 m2) ) is a well-equipped villa available for rent in the beginning of 2015.
  • Matikkaniemi (36 m2) is a traditional seventies cabin that was renovated in 2002.



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